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All Mighty Whispers are an independent 3 piece band based in Norwich (UK).  

All Mighty Whispers currently release music on their own Ex label.

The band have released 4 albums, which may be purchased via itunes or the web site. “Love Revolution” the 1st album was distributed by Shellshock.

All Mighty Whispers oversee the recording, mixing and mastering of all of their original material to ensure that the finished albums are  fully realised and reflect the bands unique vision.

You can find original music by All Mighty Whispers on 3 compilation albums, as well as hearing  songs on soundtracks for 20th Century Fox and TV documentary ‘Roadtrip Nation’ (see Audio) .

The bands’ music has been played on national radio stations in the UK, across Europe, in America and Japan, as well as featuring in podcasts and vidcasts from around the world.

If you enjoy what All Mighty Whispers do and wish to connect please contact us via the website.  

All tracks are open for licensing.

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